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Image Cherimoya Clenz Clarifying Shampoo

Brand: Image

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Good for ALL hair types
Cherimoya Clenz returns hair to its cleanest, most natural state - removing chlorine, mineral deposits, cosmetic residue and oils that regular shampoo can’t reach. Best of all, Cherimoya Clenz performs its deep cleansing with the gentlest of ingredients. Natural Cherimoya Fruit Extract, Chamomile and Lavender nourish the scalp promoting healthy, strong hair. Use immediately after swimming to remove damaging chlorine. 10 oz.
  • Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    Cherimoya Fruit Extract – Contains nutrients like magnesium, zinc iron and Vitamin C, which promote hair growth. Vitamin C contributes to collagen formation, which makes up a major portion of our hair and scalp. Cherimoya hydrates the scalp making the hair lustrous, shiny and manageable. It also provides the beneficial copper enzyme, which helps to maintain the color of the hair, preventing pre-mature graying!

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