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BaByliss Pro 673 Replacement Blade

Brand: BaByliss PRO

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Ooops!  Sorry, this one isn't around anymore, but we have lots of great options in our Blades collection!

BaByliss PRO FX603 Replacement Blade The BaByliss FX603 is a precision engineered, Japanese steel replacement blade for the BaByliss PRO FX673. 

  • Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    How to replace your blade

    Step 1: Remove the two screws holdng the fixed blade.
    Step 2: Carefully remove cutting blade from spring drive.
    Step 3: Make sure the tips of two springs are secure in the mounting holes on drive cushion, then fit new blade onto the drive cushion.
    Step 4: When putting the fixed blade back on the clipper, first lightly tighten the screws to hold the blade in place. Then bring the taper adjustment up to the tightest position. Next, align the cutting and fixed blade tips as closely parallel to one another as possible.


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