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Hevie Airbrush Flush

Brand: Hevie

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The new Hevie Airbrush Flush is a specially formulated cleaner specifically designed to immediately flush enhancement out of your compressor. Wired or wireless, it will extend the life of your compressor by removing product buildup in the gun and enhancement tank. It disinfects, lubricates, and restores your compressor’s performance to keep you spraying Hevie Enhancement through any device.

To use, ensure your tank is empty, and run any remnants through until the gun runs dry. Pour Hevie Airbrush Flush into the tank, and the flush will soon begin to pull the color out of the tank. Use a clear tank so you can see the vortex of color being broken down and coming up through the solution. After about three minutes, the color will be fully extracted, and you can empty the tank into a sink. Wipe the tank with a paper towel and spray the gun to ensure all traces are removed. Fill the tank with Hevie Enhancement, and spray your next client. We recommend you clean your compressor at least once a week; although that number should increase with a higher client frequency, to ensure your compressor runs smoothly every time. 

Ensure you use a Q-tip soaked in the Hevie Airbrush Flush to remove the build up between each client. This will ensure that the fast drying formula of Hevie Enhancement doesnt change your PSI or overall performance.


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