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Ivan Zoot Big Busy Barbershop: Year 1, Weeks 1 through 52 Paperback Book

Brand: Ivan Zoot

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My name is Ivan Zoot. I opened up, built up and sold off a highly successful, very big and very busy small barbershop. If I can do it, so can you. This book shares some of the secrets of my success. This book provides 52 individual strategies, one per week for a full year, to take your barbershop from wherever it is today to unprecedented levels of productivity, profit and prestige. Read this book all at once. Then go back and read one page every week and implement the strategy presented on that page. By this time next year, your barbershop will be busy beyond your wildest dreams. You will be able to implement most of these simple but powerful strategies immediately. None of them require a big financial investment. All of them require a commitment to excellence. Many of them require a willingness to try new things. Some of them are old things presented in a new light. Now is the time to get busy building your big busy barbershop. When you have finished this book, look for my second title in the series, Bigger Big Busy Barbershop. This follow-up book contains weeks 53 through 104. An additional year of ideas, strategy and success opportunities.

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