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LED Barber Pole With Lamp (Black & White Stripe)

Brand: AYC

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The classic black and white striped LED barber pole with lamp is a timeless symbol for barbershops and hair salons. Here's a closer look at this eye-catching fixture:


    • Attracts attention: The rotating black and white stripes illuminated by LED lights are highly visible, effectively drawing in potential customers.
    • Provides light: The built-in lamp adds a functional element, illuminating the shop's exterior or interior.
    • Enhances ambiance: The classic barber pole design adds a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm to the establishment.


    • LED lights: Energy-efficient and long-lasting compared to traditional bulbs.
    • Rotating mechanism: Creates the iconic barber pole effect.
    • Wall-mounted: Easy to install and position for optimal visibility.
    • Black and white stripes: The traditional barber pole color scheme.
    • Weatherproof: Some models are designed for outdoor use, able to withstand rain and other elements.

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