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Modern Mammals - Shampoo Light Bar 2.4 oz, Magic Mud Wash 8 oz, "Quit Shampoo" Hat

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Product: Shampoo Light Bar 2.4 oz

Shampoo Light Bar - The cheat code for amazing hair 💥 Meet Shampoo Light: our ultra-light formula cleanses your hair but preserves its natural strength and moisture so every day is an amazing hair day. Lighter shampoo = stronger hair 💪 Shampoo Light is way gentler than the neon goop sold at supermarkets. Translation: you can wash hair every day without nuking your hair and scalp (hello, athletes!). Why ditch liquid for a bar? 🧐 “Normal” shampoo is bottled water with cheap chemicals. Our bar is concentrated with just the good stuff, quicker in the shower, and easier to travel with. 2.4 oz.

Magic Mud Wash - Finally, a better way to wash your hair 🌊 Guys, let’s get real: shampoo is nuking your hair and scalp. That’s why we made this lightly cleansing, heavily moisturizing wash to give you great natural hair flow every time. Say goodbye to poof, frizz, and flakes and hello to low-maintenance hair care that makes every day an amazing hair day. 8 oz. What’s it feel like? This muddy goop spreads through hair without sudsing up like shampoos and conditioners. And bonus: you won't need styling products anymore.

"Quit Shampoo" HatIf you're going to wear a hat, it might as well say something. Grab a cover for the days you don't shower.


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