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Scalpmaster Replacement Heater Assembly for Scalpmaster Lather Machine

Brand: Burmax

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The Scalpmaster Replacement Heater Assembly is a crucial component for your Scalpmaster Lather Machine, responsible for warming the shaving lather to a comfortable temperature. Here's what you need to know:


    • Heats the lather reservoir to provide a warm and soothing shaving experience.
    • Maintains consistent lather temperature throughout use.


    • Specifically designed for Scalpmaster Lather Machines (various models).
    • Ensure you purchase the correct assembly compatible with your specific machine model.

Benefits of replacing:

    • Restores proper lather temperature if your current heater is malfunctioning.
    • Enhances shaving comfort by eliminating lukewarm or cold lather.
    • Can potentially extend the lifespan of your shaving brushes and lather by preventing the growth of bacteria in cooler temperatures.


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