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Vincent Hair Fiber Applicator VT174

Brand: Vincent

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The perfect tool that gives you precise control over hair building fibers and other powder applications. Features a removable pump for easy cleaning. Rotating trigger nozzle for easy application. Efficiently controls the amount of fibers that you want to apply.

It is a handheld device that allows you to apply hair building fibers and other powders to your hair precisely and evenly. It typically has a pump that dispenses the powder, and a rotating trigger nozzle that allows you to control the flow of powder.

Here are some of the benefits of using a hair fiber applicator:

  • Precision: Hair fiber applicators allow you to apply hair building fibers to specific areas of your hair, such as your hairline or thinning spots. This helps to ensure that your hair looks natural and full.
  • Evenness: Hair fiber applicators help to distribute hair building fibers evenly throughout your hair. This prevents clumping and gives you a more natural-looking finish.
  • Efficiency: Hair fiber applicators help you to apply hair building fibers quickly and easily. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of hair or if you are in a hurry.
  • Control: Hair fiber applicators allow you to control the amount of powder that you apply. This helps to prevent you from using too much powder, which can make your hair look unnatural.

How to use a hair fiber applicator:

  1. Choose the correct color of hair building fibers for your hair.
  2. Shake the bottle of hair building fibers to loosen the powder.
  3. Attach the hair fiber applicator to the bottle of hair building fibers.
  4. Hold the applicator at a distance of about 6 inches from your hair and press the pump to dispense the powder.
  5. Use the rotating trigger nozzle to direct the powder to the desired areas of your hair.
  6. Once you have applied the powder, use your fingers to style your hair as usual.

Tips for using a hair fiber applicator:

  • Start with a small amount of powder and add more as needed.
  • Apply the powder to dry hair.
  • Use a hairspray to set the powder in place.
  • Avoid touching your hair too much after applying the powder, as this can cause it to come off.

Hair fiber applicators are a great tool for anyone who wants to use hair building fibers to thicken or volumize their hair. They are easy to use and provide precise and even application.

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