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Wahl Liquid Lather

Brand: Wahl

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Size: Half-Gallon
Wahl’s ’19 Premixed Liquid Lather solution is ready-to-go right out of the bottle, simply our in, heat up, and you are ready to go! Available in two sizes, our lather contains vitamin E to soothe the skin, making it suitable and beneficial for sensitive skin types.

NOTE: This shave soap is NOT a concentrate. It is used full strength in your Wahl Lather Machine and is NOT compatible with other commercial lather machines that require concentrate mixed soaps.
  • Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    • Pre-mixed solution to be used for the Wahl Hot Lather Machine
    • Available in 12 oz. and 64oz. sizes
    • Pour into Wahl Hot Lather Machine and let heat for 50 minutes for optimal use

    Safety Data Sheet

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