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Grooming Lounge Men's Fragrances - 4-Piece Pocket Spray Gift Set

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Give yourself or someone you smell a lot the gift of amazing fragrances from Grooming Lounge. Luxury set of great-smelling scents features four distinct EDT's in convenient pocket sprayers:

  • Grooming Lounge Handsome Devil EDT
  • Grooming Lounge Magnificent Bastard EDT
  • Grooming Lounge You're So Money EDT
  • Grooming Lounge One Cool Customer EDT

Each .60 fl. oz. pocket spray houses weeks' worth of olfactory awesomeness and the four together reflect a $50 value!

Grooming Lounge Handsome Devil EDT: Finely curated luxury fragrance for the handsome charmer, the top-tier bloke with good looks and a penchant for danger. Exudes an air of masculinity and allure.

Grooming Lounge Magnificent Bastard EDT: Only worn by men who defy such definitions as hero or villain, good or evil, friend or foe. Love or loathe him, everyone's intrigued by his enigmatic aroma. 

Grooming Lounge You're So Money EDT: Ultra-rich, luxury fragrance captures a timeless feeling that transcends boundaries and defines the essence of masculinity and consequential cash. Aromatic and woody to a fault... it's so money!

Grooming Lounge One Cool Customer EDT: Cool, calm and effortlessly cascading from the very first breath, the exhilarating aroma of One Cool Customer takes gents on a journey both marine and woody. 


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