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Image Fixative Natural Styler

Brand: Image

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Size: 10 oz
Good for ALL hair types
The original frizz-taming concentrate. Fixative creates smooth, frizz-free hair and softens dry, brittle, damaged hair. The soft hold formula is effective on curly or straight styles, wet or dry hair. It provides body and control while leaving hair soft and supple. Contains sunscreen! Available in 10 oz. or Liter size.
  • Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    Propylene Glycol: An effective humectant, which allows moisture to be absorbed by the cuticle
    eliminating frizz. It softens the hair and allows it to be combed through easily. It won’t cause build up.

    Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Penetrates the cortex of each strand strengthening and increasing its ability
    to receive and maintain moisture.

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