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Ivan Zoot Bigger Busy Barbershop: Ivan Zoot's 52 Week Road Map to Building Barbershop Business - Year 2, Weeks 53 through 104 Paperback Book

Brand: Ivan Zoot

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My name is Ivan Zoot. I built up and sold off a highly successful, very big, small barbershop. If I can do it, so can you. My earlier book, Big Busy Barbershop was my 52 week road map to barbershop greatness. This book takes over where the first one left off. This book provides the 52 weekly strategies that make up weeks 53 through 104, the next full year. If you have implemented the strategies from book one, your barbershop is bigger and better than it was just one year ago. Now it is time to transform it from a big busy barbershop to a much bigger, busy barbershop. Read this book all at once. Then go back and read one page every week and apply the strategy presented for that week. By the end of this second year of weekly business building strategies, you will have a bigger busy barbershop. You will be able to implement most of these strategies quickly, easily and for nearly zero cost. The strategies stand independently of one another. You can even shuffle the weeks, but do not take a week off. Do not skip a week. Now is the time to take the necessary steps to make your big busy barbershop an even bigger busy barbershop. Have fun!

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