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Ivan Zoot The Professional Haircutter’s Pricing Playbook: A Workbook and Guidebook to Your Most Important Haircut Business Decisions Paperback Book

Brand: Ivan Zoot

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How much should I charge for my haircuts? When should I raise my haircut price? How do I raise my haircut price? These questions, and many more, gnaw at the head and heart of every haircutter. No category of questions is asked of me more often. No decisions paralyze haircut professionals more than these seemingly huge and pivotal pricing issues. The good news is that these decisions can be easy to make. The better news is that these decisions are made based on data and math. Relief should come in knowing that when the emotion is removed from the decision-making process and best practices based on statistics, tracking and analysis are employed, pricing and financial decisions become logical, easy and fun. You can make the decisions with confidence and clarity. You can make these decisions in a timely manner to maximize your income and productivity.

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